2 Months-Small Jumps

Somehow, everything feels small and powerless. 2 months have passed since we made the decision. 2 months when we pushed everything on. 2 months I have been jetting through the world completely free and Cedric is squatting in Rübeland. Nonfree. Powerless. Frustrated.

Cedric visits me again yesterday in Hamburg. I acknowledge to him that he’s disappointed. It should take 2-3 Weeks – not 8+. I’m used to tackling and changing things – solving things. However, I can only reassure him that I will help him. It simply takes time for Magdeburg to decide. Actually, the decision was promised at the end of last week. But now we wait again. The decision is important for the whole project. I am sure that the country of Saxony-Anhalt will decide correctly. I’m an optimist. But I don’t have to wait idly, either.

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