Black Ghost

We stand in the middle of the Harz with the camper in the snow. It’s snowing and we’re cooking something for dinner. The mood is depressed and Cedric unsure how to proceed. I decide with him to finish the business plan that we started a few days ago. In a simple Excel list, we enter everything. My Western questions about taxes, electricity, water, car insurance lead to my realization, things are going differently in Burkina Faso. Nevertheless, we get a good business model and a plan that could pay off.

The next day Snowkiting is the order of the day. An event of a local kite school with numerous visitors. Cedric and I are first at the spot and I’m building up. The wind is not good and we stand around a lot. I notice no one talking to Cedric. No one addresses him or seems to perceive him at all. The same thing happened yesterday in Halberstadt. The temperature in a chic café was falling noticeable when we went for coffee drinking and advice.

After snowkiting, the decision is made: We drive to the fence. Anything else makes no sense and doesn’t get Cedric any further.

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