Christmas 2018

In all the hustle and bustle before the Christmas holidays, Cedric was once again at our home in Hamburg. On this day, family is the big issue. He has wife and daughter in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso. On the question “how are you,” the tears rose in his eyes.

Cedric is a condoned refugee with a rejection notice. He was distributed to Saxony Anhalt after his arrival. But felt neither comfortable nor safe there. He changed town because he no longer stands out like that in the big city. Also because may be here it could give a chance for him.

But Cedric has no chance here in the system of German bureaucracy. All that happens is that his daughter gets older, his wife and family become stranger to him. The plan came about: he goes back and builds something up in his homeland. I help with that and together we build him a good future.

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