Just home?

If I want to travel then I just do that. As a German from a wealthy country, for me it’s just a matter of money. Of course, we also sometimes need a visa, but in the end this is a simple formality for us. If we want to see a part of the world, we go there. Point. For people from poorer regions, easy travel is absolutely not a given. In addition to the economic aspect, a lack of willingness for home travel is also assumed.

Cedric and I first went to the Refugee Aid in Hamburg. The very nice Mrs Jost-Strecker explained everything to us here with a lot of time and a lot of heart. After all, it is not only difficult to get here to Germany. It’s also hard to drive back home.

Without a passport, nothing goes – we have learned. So much so clear. The pass quickly came from Ouagadougou and is thankfully still valid. But just buy a ticket and go home that’s not how it works. A border crossing certificate (GÜB) is required. And for this, Cedric has to be readmitted to his assigned county in the Harz (Saxony-Anhalt).

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