Curious I’ve always been. A person I meet is always a chance for me to learn more about the world. So in my relationship with my wife, I’ve always been the one who has dragged on new people. People I’ve kind of come across. I love languages because for me they are the key to the world and the hearts of people. Even though I say a lot of erroneously so I can talk in many countries and make contact with people. I always felt that was an asset.

Of course I like to travel into the world – but also the people who come to us in Germany I find an enrichment because they bring me closer to the world, countries and cultures. And yes, in all of this, I am aware of all the problems. But I can’t change those. I can only act in the microcosm. And here I can choose who I want to deal with and see these people as an individual. With all its facets and embossing. I always find that the “good ones” cannot be sorted into colours and shapes.

One of these people is Cedric from Burkina Faso, whom I met in autumn 2018. I owe him this journey that begins here.

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