We have an appointment at Caritas in Halberstadt. Halberstadt is a medieval town in Saxony-Anhalt. Churches, half-timbered houses, archways, staircases, walls and small alleyways characterize the picture in the centre. East Germany charm and empty streets in the suburbs.

The ladies of Caritas are very nice. But do not see themselves as responsible. Cedric is scheduled to go to the Central Point of Association for Asylum Applicants (ZASt). Return from where he left 1.5 years ago because he didn’t feel safe there. He should also do the same today. Only from there can he drive home via return management. But he would receive aid there for the trip, return money and the ticket. In addition, he can live there until the flight. With bad luck only in 3 months.

Cedric and I we are totally discouraged. We had thought differently. First of all, we decide to go with our motorhome in the Harz for snowkiting. I have an event I want to attend. A decision will be adjourned.

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