Rolling Stones

It's a bit magical. When you nudges a stone then something gets rolling. I made a post on Facebook. First of all, only in the circle of friends there. And lo and behold it moves more than it would if I did it all myself. Dear friends, I speak of their accord and donate 500 euros for the Auto/Shipping. We are already a little closer to the goal. Thank you!

A friend from Kiel works at Mercedes Benz Commercial Vehicles. He sees the mail and combs the fleet through. Mercedes won't give anything away but don't have to earn either. And with a workshop tested vehicle, Cedric can focus on his task and make money. Merci!

And the Magdeburg city mission has now submitted the application for startup funding for voluntary returnees. That, of course, would really bring us forward if help can be provided here. Thank You!

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