SANGARE Transport Project Status

Current project Status SANGARE Transport / SANGARÉ Location

Project description: Setting up a transport company for companies such as Mine companies in Ouagadougou. Driving service for visitor/tourists and locals.

Needed Brojektbudget/-assets:

  • (DONE) 8.100 Euro Mercedes-Benz- Vito small bus with 9 seats | Aid by the Magdeburg City Mission / Sachsen Anhalt – 500 Euro by Nanni & Max, the rest by
  • (DONE) approx. 900 Euro Shipping from Hamburg to Tema/Ghana. | In progress at the Orient Shipping & Freight Train. Mh Hamburg
  • (DONE) approx. 4.000 Euro import tax. | by
  • (DONE) Return ticket to Ouagadougou | Organized by Caritas Halberstadt and IOM
  • (DONE) Self-organized transfer Tema to Ouagadougou | Self-responsibility by Cedric Sangare after return
  • (DONE) IT base PC/MAC | Donation of a discarded MacBook by New Battery covered by
  • (DONE) Office in Ouagadougou | Organized by neighbors of the Sangare family in Ouagadougou
  • (DONE) Bridging the first 3-5 months in Ouagadougou | Start allowance for voluntary returnees of the State of Saxony-Anhalt
  • (DONE) Funds for rail tickets in Germany to organise paper/aid/company preparation. Covered by
  • (DONE) Building the website for the start of business | Organized by and Cedric Sangare

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