The beginning

Renardpierre = Renard (frz. Fox) and the Pierre (frz. Stone). I want to start here. My name is Johann Vosteen. Vosteen is an old Low-German name. It means “fox stone” (Voss + Steen). It is the stone on which I sit in this picture with the footsteps and the tail imprint of the fox. The legend of Vosteen is based in the village of Vosteen near Delmenhorst. So right here. My roots lie here and in the cities of my birth and my parents. 

My motivation to found this organization is based on many years of observation of what is happening in the world and on my fundamental love of and interest in people of all kinds, origins and colours. Since I am not a politician, it is not in my power to change the course of the world. But I can change something in my microcosm and if necessary inspire others to do the same. This is the attempt to do so.

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