Race To Africa

Today I fought my way through shipping bureaucracy and got to know this new world of car exporters for me. The vito is already in line for his ship to Ghana. Unfortunately, we must not pack anything into it. I would still have so much that we no longer need and which unfortunately hardly has any value here in Hamburg. With ebay classifieds, I only get silly sayings and bad deals. Why not just give away? There would be Cedric’s family ideal, but it just can’t be done. The car must be empty at sea.

The Website sangare-transport.com is updated. My part is done. Cedric is on his way to Rübeland. Now we are waiting for the plane ticket and hope that Cedric will be allowed to travel home soon. It would be important for him to be in front of the ship in Ghana. From Ouagadougou, this is another 2 day trip.

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