Cedric is visiting us in Hamburg for a few days with the permission of Rübeland. We want to get the basics ready for his business in the time we stay here together.

An important step is to get the site ready. I asked Cedric to think about the text while I’ve been building the website over the last few days. To my surprise, Cedric pulls out 3 pages of text on which he describes his future company almost perfectly for his future customers. As an advertiser, I have often experienced it, the client of a website could not do so because they spoke too self-infatuated about their company and not from the point of view of their customers. Cedric can do that right away!

And he also taps it all into WordPress himself, although he has never sat at the MAC before. As the day closes, we are still setting up the MAC Book and I am giving Cedric a crash course in Mac use.

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